AutoStakkert! 2.1 Bugs

One big bad bug has slipped past me, and it affects all those using images files (e.g. bmp, tif, png). At the moment those using image files can’t use version, as it mistakingly believes there are no frames to be processed when you try to drag and drop the image files onto AS!2. I already fixed it, but want to run some tests before this fixed version can be found in the download section.

It’s not entirely unthinkable that more bugs are found in the coming days, so please keep a close eye on this website. I tend to update the software regularly instead of running weeks of tests, but still, in the future I’ll try to run the software by some non-avi/ser users before updating a new version 😉


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  1. in Version you mention Fixed regression bug: failed to open any image files (fit, bmp, tif, jpg, etc.. it would all show there were no frames available) but after downloading and installing, I still cannot see the images. Using Win7.

    1. Have you tried dragging and dropping the files onto the main form of AS!2?? If that also fails, please send me some of the image files via email and I’ll have a look!

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