Finally some good seeing!

The image was made with a 16″ F/5 Dobson, Baader RGB filters, and an ASI120MM camera operating at about F/15. Of course the image was processed in AutoStakkert!2. Post-processing with Photoshop and WinJUPOS, to derotate the stacks.


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  1. Hi.. I feel very frustrated couse I have spent three nights recording Jupiter with Asi 120 MC-S and discover that I can’t put AVI in autostakkert if their weight (of Avi) is more of 10.000.000 Kb.. ! Is it true ?? I have tryed with every Pc… but aways the same!!.. So I don’t understand when people say that takes 10 min. of Jupiter (for example) for derotation..I have recorded for only 120 seconds…at (more or less) 98/106 fps.. Thank you for an answer

    1. Hi.

      Just yestereday I opened an avi video that was 15 GB in AS!2 without problems, but you need to make sure the avi is properly recorded. I prefer SER files for this reason, less can go wrong there.

      In principle, there is no filesize limitation. Try the latest beta version ( http://www.astrokraai.nl/software/latest.php ), and see if that works for you. Another tip is to join the yahoo autostakkert group, it is easier to help there.


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