AutoStakkert! yahoo discussion group

Some time ago I quietly started a yahoo group for AutoStakkert!2 and possible future versions. The idea is to provide you with a place where you can discuss pretty much anything related to AutoStakkert!2. (and leave me with a bit more time for development instead of answering emails)

So if you run into problems, have no idea which alignment point size to use or the quality settings, what the effect of drizzling is, or any other setting you don’t know how to optimally use, post your questions in the ¬†official AutoStakkert!2 group. I will of course keep an eye on all the questions myself as well, and will provide answers whenever I can.

Some questions might already have been answered on the Features and Guides page, or on this particular cloudynights foroum post (if you like long reads). So make sure to check those sources of information as well!

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  1. I have installed AutoStakkert latest version that was to work on Windows 10. When I opened the software, the two windows were at the top of my screen – cutting of part of each window. I could not move either of the two windows down to the middle of the screen so that I could see the entire windows of the software. Is there something that I can do to fix this?

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