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Beta version downloads

Autostakkert!2 is under constant development, and a new version is available often on a monthly basis. Sometimes the changes are small, sometimes they are profound, sometimes they fix bugs, and sometimes they add bugs. Generally speaking though, the beta versions are ‘better’ than the ‘stable’ version below.

beta versions with change notes available here
(links to my website, and contains all release notes)

The original plan was to once in a while promote a beta versions to a stable version, but that doesn’t seem to happen very often. That is why I decided to open up the alpha and beta versions, and let everyone decide on their own if they want to play around with these.

A quick warning though; these versions are often not tested extensively, so use them at your own risk! Also make sure to check the page often, because if a significant bug was found, I usually have a quick-update ready within a matter of days. Having said that, generally speaking the beta versions are better than the old version you can still download below.


Old downloads

I highly recommend trying out the beta versions link to above. However, if you want to, you can still download on older version of AS!2 here.

March 26, 2012

AutoStakkert (zip, 1.1 MB)
– Fixed when switching to Single AP mode, AS!2 would not stack automatically (you had to manually place an AP first).
– Maximum size of the frame is set to 3000×2000, internal frame size limitations have been removed. Use the INI-file to further increase the maximum image size (the INI-file contains a maxWidth and maxHeight value).
– Made edge quality estimator more robust still. It will now still provide a meaningful quality estimator whenever it encounters missing information.
– Fixed bug in detecting horizontal and vertical artefacts, causing random lockups after analysing.
– Fixed regression bug: failed to open any image files (fit, bmp, tif, jpg, etc.. it would all show there were no frames available).
– Fixed some typos.
– Fixed repeating “No buffering override” message… for real this time…

Older versions of AutoStakkert!2 only available on request.

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